The Mosaic Studio provides a comprehensive, professional and friendly service that we know the children will enjoy.

Siting & Design
We first discuss where to site your mosaic and consider design themes such as an anniversary, recent achievement or highlighting your school’s specialism. Students can be involved in design from the outset via drawing workshops, or we can capture your ideas and develop them into a design for you. Designs we produce can include 2 dimensional elements which translate beautifully into more complex mosaics. Either way, the mosaic your students create will be hand-crafted in its entirety, by them.

From a brief discussion we provide an outline cost followed by a firm quote once the outline design and student numbers are identified. We are highly experienced in tailoring workshops within even the most limited budget, to produce a rewarding experience with outstanding results.

We liaise closely with each school and provide you with a clear schedule of activity (Design, Template, Workshop, Installation) working with you to ensure little or no disruption to timetables. We are often booked up several months in advance so please do keep this in mind when planning your project.

Once drawn to full size template, we bring with us all the mosaic materials, tools and safety equipment to hold the workshop in your school to create a unique mosaic with your students. We create a timetable in line with your school day which ensures the workshop runs smoothly – this outlines how many children we can work with and for how long i.e 6 children for 15 minutes.

With sizeable public commissions in our portfolio, The Mosaic Studio brings specialist technical knowledge to every stage of the process. We ensure the installation process is trouble-free, at a time and date convenient to you. We manage all technical aspects including surface preparation and the supply of ladders or scaffolding as required.

Mosaic is highly durable – an enduring form of art and one of the only ancient art forms still used today. The glass, porcelain or ceramic mosaic we create will be resistant to the elements and remain vibrant both now and for decades to come.

Don’t hesitate to call Emma on 01702 712111 to discuss a project you may have in mind – she’ll be happy to help & advise.

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